our Story Line


Our Story Line


Petline Pet Food, the most distinguished brand of Turkey in Super Premium segmentation, continues to work by accelerating its domestic and export sales.


Corporate Partnership Agreement in the context of formulation and ingredients has been made with Alltech, the biggest yeast producer of the world. This partnership has been admitted as one of Turkey’s most important pet food innovations. Petline, combining its admired designs with world’s latest packing technologies, has added influential dealers to its distribution network and exported to 5 countries. Petline Pet Food brand has widest product range of Turkey and crowned its success with customer satisfaction and 100% consume guarantee.



With the aim of launching third generation packing, the company prepared itself with a unique approach and perspective and worked on ingredients, design, packing in a global manner. The project was also completed in the same year.


Petline Pet Food which has ISO22000:2005 Food Certifications has started its export operations. Petline also started to work on international patent registration of its own brand.


Petline Pet Food has been bought out by Karnaval Packing Food and Feed Ltd. Co.  Due to purchase price Petline has become a spoken brand in its sector.


300.000th pack was sold. Petline Pet Food shattered turnover records thanks to its sustainable quality and broad distribution network.


200.000th pack was sold.


Product range consisting of 11 products with second generation packing has been offered to dealers and customers.


100.000th pack was sold and Petline feeds stood out with its tastiness and became a desired product by the sector.


Petline started to be distributed to particular regions thanks to its domestic distribution channels.


Petline, made unprecedented entrance to the sector with its first generation packing, has become a desired product by the sector professionals in a short while.


Petline Pet Food was established in 2009.