Petline PETLINE pet food EXPORT Petline- A Brand Growing Worldwide Petline Pet Food, operating in many countries worldwide particularly in Turkey, is an experienced and rooted brand has driven pet product sector since 2009. Petline Pet Food is a desired brand for pet owners who care about their pet health thanks to its sense of […]

Our Story Line

our Story Line Petline Our Story Line 2020 Petline Pet Food, the most distinguished brand of Turkey in Super Premium segmentation, continues to work by accelerating its domestic and export sales. 2019 Corporate Partnership Agreement in the context of formulation and ingredients has been made with Alltech, the biggest yeast producer of the world. This […]

About Alltech

About Alltech About Alltech Alltech offers innovative and scientific nutrition technologies that optimizes pets and plants’ performances by fulfilling their potential. The company which develops scientific innovations especially in the fields of yeast-based technologies, trace minerals, enzymes, nutrigenomics, ensures health and yield improvement by means of nutrition. Alltech, established in 1980 and headquartered in the […]