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About PETLINE pet food

Inspiring Mystery...

Petline Pet Food is an established and experienced brand that operates in many countries, especially Turkey, which directs thepet products industry since 2009. Petline Pet Food is a preferred choice for pet owners who care about pet health with a sense of quality blended with modern production technologies and offers a wide range of products that can meet the different needs of our little friends at every stage of their life stages. As a major innovation; We strengthen our foods with Alltech formulas and components, the world’s largest biotechnology company. Alltech is a leading company in the industry, based in America, which chooses to improve the health and performance of pets through scientific innovations and nutrition. With Petline Natural Animal Nutrition®, which is a patented technology and contains unique and healthy nutritional supplements added to the product content, we make your pet’s food healthy and unique and offer it to pet owners and our adorable friend. We provide the taste and freshness of our foods with Easy Open, the world’s most advanced packaging lock technology. “EasyOpen” technology protects our foods from heat, light, and moisture so that the foods can be used in their original packaging for a long time without tiringusers. Our little friends job is eating healthy food with enjoyment.

Inspired by the mystery of nature; Petline Natural Animal Nutrition®, a patented technology, is the perfect combination of all the fatty acids that your cat needs and the hormones and vitamins, the enzymes responsible for the control of chemical reactions in the body.

This patented technology provides the right skeletal structure with feed additives and premixes; It is effective in providing growth and development support and in the proper use of the elements necessary for healthy skin and hair structure.

At the same time, it provides fast absorption of nutrients and helps to provide a healthy metabolism support with special raw materials that serve to control odor and ammonia thanks to its structure strengthening the digestive system. It provides healthy tissue production with its contributions to strengthen the cellular defense system and contributes to your cat’s healthy life for many years.


Our Story Line


 Petline brand together with all commercial rights, Turkey ISO 14001: 2004 It was purchased by Karnaval Ambalaj Gıda Limited Şirketi, the only food technology company with a certificate


With its superior taste renewed with the completion of all purchasing operations, Petline continues to grow with its customers in all elite veterinary clinics, pet shops and specially examined websites.