About Alltech

Dog wants to come inside, cat wants to go outside. Both sitting by the patio door waiting.
About Alltech

Alltech offers innovative and scientific nutrition technologies that optimizes pets and plants’ performances by fulfilling their potential. The company which develops scientific innovations especially in the fields of yeast-based technologies, trace minerals, enzymes, nutrigenomics, ensures health and yield improvement by means of nutrition.

Alltech, established in 1980 and headquartered in the United States, is the world’s biggest biotechnology and yeast producer.

Turkey branch which Near East, Middle East, Turkic Republics, the Balkan regions are also affiliated, is established in İzmir in 2003. Alltech Turkey, offering service with its expert and professional team in their offices and production facilities, aims to supply the exact needs of the industry with its products and services.

Alltech and Petline signed a cooperation agreement as strategic partners in pet supplies with the aim of creating a global brand. This agreement is corroborated by placing Alltech’s brand signature on Petline branded products.